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Facials - Spa Services in Chula Vista

Voted for Best Facial by Spa Week in 2007,Balensi not only offers award-winning facials, but also an unbeatable selection of other spa treatments. Balensi Spa also offers a unique range of facial deeply clean, contouring facial masques & soothing facial moisturizers to deeply condition & rehydrate skin for that radiant glow.

European Facial

The treatment begins with cleansing while aroma therapy steam loosens the pores. To relax the muscles and revive circulation, a nourishing cream for your type of skin is used to massage the face, neck, and shoulders. Manual extraction of any impurities followed by a Swiss-formula deep peeling and mask. Results are immediate and long lasting.

San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - European Facial
Collagen Facial

Relaxing facial with extractions and a papaya peeling to eliminate dead skin cells will get you ready for your collagen gel that acts as an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. It helps to restore skin tone and improve the tissue elasticity. A great treatment of one hour.

San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - Collagen Facial
The Four Layer Facial

The world famous Repechage Four Layer Facial! Layer upon layer of fresh seaweed works its magic to hydrate, firm and tone skin.

San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - The Four Layer Facial
Teen Acne Facial

Deep Pore Cleansing. Extraction, a Germicidal action and treatment mask. *Teaching the importance of home care!

San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - Teen Acne Facial
Back Facial

A facial of the back utilizing the same techniques as a facial. An excellent treatment for problem skin, it includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, and a special masque that is used to replenish the skin’s moisture.

San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - Back Facial
Comodex—Acne treatment

The Comodex Method promotes healing of unsightly skin conditions through cellular regeneration and purification.. We recommend clients receive a series of 6-12 sessions.

With its innovative formula merging advanced science with the most powerful antibacterial botanical ingredients, this highly effective yet safe Acne defense solution addresses the causes and consequences of oily and combination skin, acne and acne damage (including hyperpigmentation caused by acne) through a multidimensional treatment that prevents, treats and repairs these ailments.

Acne Defense reduces oil in the skin, removing excess sebum and infections while improving the body’s natural immune system to repel external factors. Simultaneously, the highly active ingredients treat the causes of oily and combination skin, acne and acne damage from the inside to prevent future outbreaks.

This is a potent treatment that is ideal for oily and problem skin types. Acne Defense facial combats acne and scarring with a powerful mixture of active ingredients that harvest the best of nature and science. Tomato extract, T.S.R. complex (tomato acid with retinol and salicylic acid), R.P.F. (radical protective factor), P.C.S. (Pigment Control System) and Georgian corals combine to cleanse, calm, restore and purify the skin.

  • Acne Defense eliminates breakouts and blemishes through three core processes
  • Destruction of harmful bacteria
  • Reduction of sebum secretion
  • Exfoliation of dead cells

The result is a stunning and reinvorated complexion.

San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - Comodex—Acne treatment - Before
San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - Comodex—Acne treatment - After
Eye Treatment

The eye facial is designed to treat the condition of water retention and lines that appear around the eyes. Excellent for diminishing puffiness around the eyes.

San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - Eye Treatment
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