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Red Lipstick


As we get older, our lips lose volume and some of the natural color and definition begins to fade. By subtly replacing lost pigment, - especially to the outer border of the lips, where it most commonly fades as we age, - micro pigmentation can restore and enhance the shape and color of the lips, helping regain their youthful appearance.


Emphasizing the lip outline makes the lips appear fuller, fine lines around the mouth are softened and lipstick bleed is eliminated. Subtle corrections can be made to thin, uneven, or unsymmetrical lips and the size and shape can be altered as desired.


We offer three distinct options to beautify your mouth. For those wishing to achieve a more defined result, a crisp outline can be applied to highlight the lip border. For those seeking a more natural look, a blended lip-line or blush effect can be created feathering color towards the middle of the lip to produce a soft haze of color which gradually blends into your lip’s own tones. A full lip color can also be achieved by placing a hint of color across the entire lip area.

The initial treatment requires two visits spaced 2-3 weeks apart. You can expect the enhancement to last from 9 to 18 months before a re-touch treatment may be needed to ensure the freshness of the look.

Full Lip


Lip Liner


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